Take advantage of these bundles, save money while Dux-Soup saves you time!

Sell more in less time

Are you spending way too much time on looking for leads and sending LinkedIn invites? Boost awareness with your audience and increase your reach by automating your profile visits. We're talking thousandfold.

Sell More with Less Energy

Tired of tagging, note taking, copy-pasting, manually entering customer data, and well, basically organizing your leads? Export all your data, use it in Excel, your CRM and share it with your team. With just a few clicks.

Sell More by Spending Less

Currently investing on expensive sourcing tools and premium subscriptions? Spend no more. The Dux-Soup Starter Edition is free and the Professional Edition costs a fraction of a LinkedIn Premium account.


Take advantage of these bundles, Save money while Dux-Soup saves you time!




How it Works

Dux-Soup downloads as a browser extension. LinkedIn Profiles are viewed by your browser as if you were viewing the profiles manually. Dux-Soup can view over 7,500 profiles per week. And this is the start of the 'Look-Back' cycle. LinkedIn tells them you viewed their profile, Prospects become aware of you and start viewing your profile. They check out your site and connect / link with you.

Results & Metrics

The average 'Look-Back' Rate is 10%. About 20-30% will then continue to view your website and of that figure 10% will link with you. No doubt, your strong and 'Inviting-to-Connect' profile will be key.


Dux-Soup records key details of the profiles that you visited. You can open this data (file) in Excel and use it in Marketing or CRM tools for follow-up and tracking purposes.


Dux-Soup enables you to tag any profile with 1 or more tags. You can then search on these tags to find all matching profiles.

Profile Optimization

For the best results, make sure you follow the LinkedIn Profile configuration tips on YouTube.

Supported Browsers

Dux-Soup currently only works on Google Chrome. It has been approved and can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Store.

Dux-Soup Support

If you're a Dux-Soup user looking for answers to your questions, or to get in touch with our support team, please visit our support site.