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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from fellow Dux-Soup Users.


  • Why isn't Dux-Soup showing the Professional Edition features after I upgraded?

    Once you have purchased Dux-Soup Pro from the Google Webstore you need to make sure that:
    • Dux-Soup is installed (by clicking 'add to Chrome' on download.dux-soup.com)
    • You are logged into Chrome with the Google account you used to purchase the item . Click here for details how to login to Chrome.

    If you are logged in with the correct account, try and click the 'reload' button at the bottom of the Dux-Soup options panel. If the upgrade was successful you will see a red Dux icon () in the Chrome toolbar.
  • Why are profiles not being captured?

    Please check if you are running out of disk space on your computer. Dux-Soup stores the profiles locally, and for this the browser needs to allocate space on your harddisk.
  • Dux-Soup start snoozing after a few visits, why? And what can I do about that?

    By default the Professional Edition of Dux-Soup will 'snooze' when it hits one of the follow 3 maximums:
    • the maximum daily visits for the current LinkedIn account type
    • the maximum daily auto-invites
    • the maximum daily direct message
    You can override this these maximums in the Dux-Soup options panel, section 'Daily Limits'.
  • When I click on the purchase button in the Webstore my browsers just sits there, and I'm unable to purchase the upgrade. Why is this?

    If your purchase is not going when upgrading via the Chrome Webstore, please get touch with the Google Payments support team. You can contact them using the 'Contact Us' link on the following page.
  • How can I tell whether my automated visits are resulting in connection requests?

    You can check the connection requests in LinkedIn via Manage Invitations. To see the messages that were sent with the requests you will need to open invitation section in the mobile app as the desktop UI doesn't show this.
  • My Dux-Soup keeps hanging / freezing / stopping when auto-visiting profiles. Can you fix that?

    It sounds like the page loads are stalling, which means Dux-Soup is waiting to recognise the page you are on. This is commonly caused by ads on LinkedIn and we recommend using an ad-blocker to stop this from happening. We use uBlock Origin, click here to download it from the Chrome Webstore.
  • The drop-down menu is unreliable, it's not giving me the option to auto-visit or download my data. Can you fix that?

    It sounds like the page loads are stalling, which means Dux-Soup is waiting to recognise the page you are on. As the drop-down menu is context-sensitive, Dux-Soup will show the default options in the menu until the pageload completes. This is caused by unreliable ads on LinkedIn and we recommend using an ad-blocker to stop this from happening. We use uBlock Origin, click here to download it from the Chrome Webstore.
  • The 'buy' button is disabled when I access the Chrome Web Store, how do I buy Dux-Soup?

    Please try the following link, it forces the US pricing.
  • Do you have any videos demonstrating the key-features of Dux-Soup?

    Yes we do. Check our YouTube channel for demonstration and tutorial videos.
  • LinkedIn is not allowing me to do any more searches since I have reached my 'Commercial Search Limit'. Can I still use Dux-Soup?

    Definitely! The search-limit does not influence the ability of Dux-Soup to visit profiles.
    • via ‘group members’
    • via ‘connections of connection’
    • your ‘direct connections’
    • Google Xray
    • by re-visiting profiles from a previous Dux-Soup download.

    In this way Dux-Soup helps you get the most out of your free LinkedIn account. The commercial use search limit will reset on the 1st of each month, check here for more details.
  • I have arranged a remote support call, do I need to prepare anything?

    Our support team uses Chrome Remote Assistance to help users who are stuck with a problem. Once you have arranged a support call, please prepare by following these steps:

    • install the Chrome remote support plugin from here
    • launch the plugin : check step 4 of the following tutorial
    • activate the Chrome Remote assistance app, select "share", and email the code to info@dux-soup.com. Our support team can then login to your computer and have a look at your issue.
    • please open a note-taking app that will be used to communicate during the session.
  • How do I cancel my Dux-Soup subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription via 'Subscriptions and Services' in Google Payments. Once cancelled you can use Dux-Soup Professional until the end of the current billing period.
  • Where can I access VAT invoices of my subscription payments?

    If you access the individual subscription payments via payments.google.com the invoice will appear about 2 weeks after the payment was done. Please see here for more info.
  • What is the difference between captured and visited profiles in the Dux-Soup menu?

    The number of captured profiles is the current number in cache. These can be scanned and visited profiles. The number of visited profiles is the number of visits in the last day, based on UTC.
  • The Dux-Soup icon has disappeared from the toolbar, how do I get it back?

    The extension is probably disabled. You can re-enable the Dux-Soup extension as follows: Open a new tab in Chrome and point it to chrome://extensions . Then scroll to Dux-Soup and check the “enabled” box next it.
  • Can I use Dux-Soup Professional for more than one LinkedIn account?

    If you’re looking to use multiple LinkedIn accounts we recommend you login to a different Google Account for each LinkedIn user. You can easily login to different accounts in Chrome, check here to see how. This would require a Dux-Soup license for each Google user.
  • Can I use my Dux-Soup Professional subscription on more than one computer?

    Yes, you can install Dux-Soup on any computer that runs Chrome. Your Professional Edition will travel with as long as you login to Chrome with the Google account you used when purchasing the subscription.


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    What data do we collect, and what don't we.

    • Dux-Soup does not collect any personal data of its users. No email address, no names, nothing.
    • Identification of Dux-Soup users is handled by Google’s Identity Servers. No user credentials are kept on our servers.
    • Dux-Soup does not collect any payment information of any kind.
    • User payments are handled by Google’s Payment Servers.
    • Dux-Soup will collect summaries of LinkedIn Profile Visits to be able to deliver the functionality of the extension.
    • The profile summaries can by used to deliver future value-added services by Dux-Soup.
    • Dux-Soup will store Dux-Soup notes and Dux-Soup tags as these are added by the users.
    • All data collected for a user will be erased after the user hasn’t accessed Dux-Soup for 1 year, or 1 month after requested by the user via our support channel.
    • Dux-Soup does not collect data from any other website or any other activity.
    • GDPR Compliance

    That is all.


    Please get in touch with us if your question is not on the list. Our support team can be reached via:

    Web Form