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Dux-Soup is the ultimate lead generation tool for LinkedIn. Visit thousands of profiles with one easy click and start increasing your sales today.

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Sell More in Less Time

Are you spending way too much time on looking for leads and sending LinkedIn invites? Boost awareness with your audience and increase your reach by automating your profile visits. We're talking thousandfold.

Sell More with Less Energy

Tired of tagging, note taking, copy-pasting, manually entering customer data, and well, basically organizing your leads? Export all your data, use it in Excel, your CRM and share it with your team. With just a few clicks.

Sell More by Spending Less

Currently investing on expensive sourcing tools and premium subscriptions? Spend no more. The Dux-Soup Starter Edition is free and the Professional Edition costs a fraction of a LinkedIn Premium account.




    Dux-Soup has allowed me to double my business in the past five months. the amount and quality of inbound leads I now get is incredible. Thank you, Dux-Soup!

    James Pollard,
    Coach |


    Awesome tool, currently doing half of the job that was done by a small team. I recommend it 100%!

    Valentina Carvajal-Ibarra,
    Lead Generation Manager | Social Hub


    Dux-Soup will save you hours of manual data entry when it comes to tracking all the leads you come across and interact with on LinkedIn

    John Nemo,
    LinkedIn Author & Trainer | LinkedIn Riches


    Great tool. Great customer service. If you are looking for an easy to use tool to get more profile views I highly recommend Dux-Soup

    Mike Demko,
    Founder & CEO |

Dux-Soup Benefits

Dux-Soup is the ultimate online lead generation tool for LinkedIn. Generate buzz for your profile and sales for your business. Visit all the profiles you want. Make notes, get emails, tag your prospects. Download it all in a CSV file and open it in Excel or in your favourite CRM. You're done. Easy as duck soup.

Does all this sound like a big chunk of your day?

Getting yourself out there and making your business known. Looking for leads on LinkedIn, nurturing prospects, building business relationships and closing deals. Flipping through your directory of contacts −obviously not the Rolodex− and cold calling. Growing your network with the goal of generating more qualified leads and ultimately more sales. It's time consuming and inefficient, but workable.

At Dux-Soup we make the workable, a breeze.

Online lead generation should be way more efficient. Automated, in fact. There are golden opportunities out there. Social networks are immense sources of people and businesses, all reachable with a few clicks. Dux-Soup helps you reach these prospects, more of them, and faster. It increases your chances of being seen and of having new and relevant prospects getting back to you.

How can Dux-Soup help you sell more?

With Dux-Soup, you can reach out to a glorious number of targeted prospects, while barely lifting a finger. Organize them using your own custom tags, track all your actions so you can touch these prospects with the right message at the right time, and turn them to into customers. You'll become a sales superstar. Find out all the nifty tools and features that Dux-Soup has in store for you, and what you can accomplish with them.

Dux-Soup Delivers

Get noticed

Tens, hundreds, thousands of prospects? Who's counting. Automate profile visits on LinkedIn and increase your chances of finding great prospects.

With Dux-Soup's automation tool, you can:

  • visit more profiles with one easy click
  • boost awareness with your target audience
  • expand your reach using groups and your connections' networks
  • increase the odds of getting attention from prospects

Get organized

Organize your leads without all the tedious manual work. Put an end, once and for all, to copy-pasting, and customize your sales approach like a pro. Separate the hot leads from the cold ones so you can focus your energy on where it counts.

Use Dux-Soup's organizational tools to:

  • tag specific profiles you visit
  • use the auto tagging tool to tag faster
  • write and save your own notes for each profile
  • arrange all your prospects by names, business, roles, company info, emails, your personal notes, tags and more, in Excel

Get selling

Start sharing your prospect information with your colleagues and collaborate more efficiently. The more you and your team communicate a consistent message using the same customer information, the more impactful you'll be.

Dux-Soup's sharing capabilities will empower your sales team. You'll be able to:

  • export customer data from LinkedIn to an CSV file
  • import data into your favourite CRM tool
  • share it all with your sales team
  • collaborate and develop a great communication strategy for closing deals

To put it simply, you'll be able to do more with Dux-Soup. Sell more without the extra work, get better organized without spending the extra time, and reach out to a larger business network without buying pricey subscriptions. Give us a try! We'd love to hear what you think.


Dux-Soup comes as a Starter and Professional Edition. The Starter Edition is shipped as a free, one-click install via the Chrome Webstore. The Professional Edition will unleash the full power of Dux-Soup and is only a simple upgrade away, via the same Chrome Webstore.





• Search via Google X-Ray
• Support for LinkedIn Standard & Business+
• Support for Sales Navigator
• Support for Recruiter
• Auto-visit profiles
• Auto-invite with personalised message
• Auto-message 1st degree connections
• Auto-endorse connections
• Auto-follow any profile
• Auto-save to PDF
• Visit any list of profiles
• Visit based on previously downloaded CSV
• Visit previously tagged profiles
• Filter 'Influencers', 'Premium Members', 'Job Seekers', 'Open Link members', 'CRM imports'

• Auto-skip previously visited profiles
• Take notes with any profile
• Tag any profile
• Record manual profile visits
• Search tagged profiles
• Auto-tag profiles

• Download Visited Profile-Data as CSV
• Export search results via Quickscan
• Import CSV into your favourite CRM system
• Download attached profile-notes
• Download tag-list with profiles


Everything you need to get going.



100 Visits / Day

Up to 100 tags
1st result page



Add a little bit more


per month

User configurable

Unlimited tags
All tagged profiles



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