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Dux-Soup provides LinkedIn Lead Generation automation

It is a browser plug-in which works with Google Chrome and it will become your virtual assistant on LinkedIn.

Dux-Soup will give you leads in a lot less time

It keeps track of every single profile you visit and allows you to make notes directly on the profile page which are saved. Profile date and notes can be export as a .CSV file to be opened in Microsoft Excel or similar. The .CSV file includes data such as the name of the person whose profile you visited, job title, company name, location, email and notes.

All your activities on LinkedIn are tracked automatically

You can take and save notes on each profile such as: have sent invite / need to reply to a message / likes Opera etc etc. Dux-Soup can save you hours of manual data entry when it comes to tracking all your leads you interact with on LinkedIn.

Dux-Soup in Action

See Dux-Soup in Action.

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Dux-Soup comes as a Standard and Professional Edition. The Starter Edition is shipped as a free, one-click install via the Chrome Webstore. The Professional Edition will unleash the full power of Dux-Soup and is only a simple upgrade away, via the same Chrome Webstore.

Starter Edition free
This edition includes
  • Support for LinkedIn Standard & Business+
  • Tag & Search any profile
  • Note-Taking Function
  • 100 Profile Visits / day
  • Visit members of a Group
  • Search via Google X-Ray
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Professional Edition$15 / month
This edition adds
  • Support for Sales Navigator and Recruiter
  • Download Visited Profile-Data as CSV
  • Re-visit based on previously downloaded CSV
  • User-configurable Visits / day
  • Download Attached Profile-Notes
  • Export Profile Lists via Quickscan
  • Unlimited Tags
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Download Now

Why wait? Jump straight in and install Dux-Soup now, in seconds, for free.

Our Affiliate Program

We have teamed up with JVZoo to deliver you and your customers a super-streamlined affiliate experience. Check one of the bundles below and join the Dux-Soup team, you could be selling these today!

Professional Edition 6 Month Bundle
  • Users gets 1 month FREE!
  • Dux-Soup Professional Edition - 6 month bundle
Professional Edition 12 Month Bundle
  • Users get 3 months FREE!
  • Dux-Soup Professional Edition - 12 month bundle


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Dux-Soup.

How it Works

Dux-Soup downloads as a browser extension. LinkedIn Profiles are viewed by your browser as if you were viewing the profiles manually. Dux-Soup can view over 7,500 profiles per week. And this is the start of the 'Look-Back' cycle. LinkedIn tells them you viewed their profile, Prospects become aware of you and start viewing your profile. They check out your site and connect / link with you.

Results & Metrics

The average 'Look-Back' Rate is 10%. About 20-30% will then continue to view your website and of that figure 10% will link with you. No doubt, your strong and 'Inviting-to-Connect' profile will be key.


Dux-Soup records key details of the profiles that you visited. You can open this data (file) in Excel and use it in Marketing or CRM tools for follow-up and tracking purposes.


Dux-Soup enables you to tag any profile with 1 or more tags. You can then search on these tags to find all matching profiles.

Profile Optimization

For the best results, make sure you follow the LinkedIn Profile configuration tips on YouTube.

Supported Browsers

Dux-Soup currently only works on Google Chrome. It has been approved and can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Store.

Dux-Soup Support

If you're a Dux-Soup user looking for answers to your questions, or to get in touch with our support team, please visit our support site.

Amsterdam, Holland | info@Dux-Soup.com